The World's Largest Floating Music Festival
The World's Largest Floating Music Festival




3/28/2020 - We're still planning ahead for Drift Jam on 5/23. All systems go at this point, but we are monitoring the situation and will keep everyone updated of any changes.

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Drift Jam 2020 Sponsorship Packets are available! Contact us for more information about partnering with The World's Largest Floating Music Festival!

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We'll be announcing our Official Hotel Partner soon, so stay tuned!



VIP Front Row Boat Parking Passes: These are reserved for VIP Sponsors. In the event that our VIP Sponsor packages do not sell out, we will open up any remaining front row VIP boat parking passes to the public for sale - 2 weeks before festival date. Public VIP pass prices - TBD.

Please arrive early and plan to tie up with other boats. If you plan to tie up multiple boats together, you MUST arrive at the festival location at the same time as those you wish to tie up with. Otherwise you will tie up with whoever arrives with you so prepare to make new friends! (And please be courteous of your new neighbors)

ABSOLUTELY NO PLAYING YOUR OWN BOAT SOUND SYSTEM DURING THE FESTIVAL, OUTSIDE OF THE DESIGNATED FM STATION WE BROADCAST THROUGH OUR FM TRANSMITTOR! YOU WILL BE ASKED TO  LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! (and you'll probably get sprayed down with our water cannon) Seriously though, we ask that everyone please be respectful to your neighbors and more importantly the artists on stage. There are not many things more disrespectful than going to a concert and blasting your music while someone is playing on stage.

Please bring sufficient anchors and bumpers for tying up. This is mandatory as maintaining very lengthy rows becomes impossible without proper anchoring.

Follow all instruction from festival staff on jet skis. They are there to help maintain order, safety, and a fun environment for all guests!

Waterways must remain open at all times. Swimming or floating in waterways is strictly prohibited and will result in a fine from SCDNR. You are also not allowed to obstruct waterways by parking out of the designated rows. You will be asked to leave the festival area if you do not follow all festival guidelines.

Follow the festival map for parking guidelines. The center lane is for inbound and outbound traffic. Boaters enter each designated row through the center waterway. The outside edges of each row, near the shorelines are also emergency exit waterways and CANNOT be obstructed. 

Please drink and behave responsibly. We are a FREE, non-profit benefit show for a charity. We would prefer to not have to handle issues arriving from irresponsible guests! Make sure you bring plenty of food and water to last throughout the day!


Attendees assume all risk and liability of attending this free event. The festival is located on public property and anyone that attends chooses to do so on their own free-will and forfeits all rights to litigation against festival organizers, Doug Gainey Promotions, LLC., Doug Gainey, festival sponsors/partners, benefiting charity, staff/volunteers, contracted vendors, and Drift Jam - Flotilla Music Festival. Additionally, the parties listed above are not liable for any theft or damage to personal property, accidents, injuries, or illness associated with this festival. By attending Drift Jam - Flotilla Music Festival your agreement to these terms is implied, with no exception. We're a non-profit, free event, please follow the rules, be respectful to those around you, and everyone will have a great time while supporting an amazing charity!